Google Allo can finally be accessed on a desktop

Google Allo

Google Allo which launched last year in September, had a myriad of basic features missing with the worst one being that it worked only on phones and neither on tablets or laptops. It also allowed an user to use it only at one device at an instance.

After almost an year, Google has finally launched the web version of the app which can be accessed via Similar to Whatsapp Web, users need to scan a QR from their mobile phone to use it on desktop, which instantly syncs it to the phone. However, you can be logged in into only a single desktop at once, i.e., one phone and one   desktop/laptop. The web version is only available for Android users at the moment and iOS users will have to wait as posted on the official website of Google Allo.

Google Allo

It offers adjustable text sizes, various stickers and a smart reply feature, which provides usage based response suggestions for texts and emojis. Google claims that it is constantly learning a user’s texting habits. Google has also launched the Google Assistant for the desktop which has support for the Allo app as well.

It can provide you suggestions such as nearby theaters, restaurants and flights in your chat itself. Google Allo also features an incognito mode for private chat and notifications. A drawback being considered by few is that the web version only works on the chrome browser right now. There are certain features that you can’t use on desktop, such as, deleting any conversation, removing or adding a person in a group, blocking someone or backing up your chat.

Now the question is that will this help Google in getting more users. What do you think?

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